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About CPAP Beard & Mustache Seal

For men diagnosed with sleep apnea, CPAP Beard Sealant is one of the most exciting products recently developed. With this product, men can keep their unique looks while enjoying the fullest benefits CPAP provides. A revolutionary treatment that improves life quality, the CPAP machine has created positive benefits for thousands of people. Up until now however, men with facial hair have faced enormous difficulties using CPAP technology.

Suffering From Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is typified by temporary obstructions of the airway. The CPAP machine ensures regular breathing by maintaining continual and steady air pressure in the wearer’s respiratory system. For the CPAP machine to work properly, an airtight seal must exist between the wearer’s face and the machine’s ventilator mask.

Keep Your Facial Hair

To establish this seal, many men have been forced to shave their beards and mustaches while using the CPAP machine. Since men can spend years cultivating their facial hair, this is typically a tough pill to swallow. Thanks to CPAP Beard and Mustache Seal, it is now possible for men to maintain their facial hair and their unique identities.

This remarkable sealing system improves life quality by ensuring that men can use CPAP machines without constantly experiencing a leaking mask and frequent all night mask adjustments. Without this remarkable new sealing system, a man who chooses to keep his beard can try to use a CPAP machine by fastening its mask extremely tightly. In addition to causing patches and bald spots in one’s beard, an overly tight fit can cause redness and sores over time.

With CPAP Beard and Mustache Seal, all men can maintain their unique styles while experiencing the best that CPAP technology has to offer. For so many men, facial hair is an expression of individuality and attitude. CPAP Beard Seal will help a huge class of men reduce their sleep apnea symptoms without having to radically change their identities.


“Thank you for your request. Yes I tried the samples on three patients and I have received responses from two of which both were very positive. Both patients claimed that this sealant works well in terms on improvement in their mask seal throughout the night. One patient in particular who has a lot, I mean a lot of facial hair including a long beard was very happy and he said “first time he slept with his mask on all night”.
“I believe that your products are very helpful for our patients, Thank you again for the samples.”
“PS One of our techs also used the sealant during an in-lab titration study with much success, to keep the full face mask on throughout the study.”

– Sleep Practice Manager in Cleveland OH

“I’m using it every night. I’ve figured out how much to apply, about twice as much as I used at first. It works very well. I had a problem with leakage due to the high pressure I require but it is now normal. I’m very happy with the product.”

Thanks, Richard

“I have had excellent results with your product. Now, leakage for me is at an all time low which is excellent news. My wife is no longer complaining about the noise of air leaking from my cpap apparatus.
Historically, I have used nose pillows which created the noise leaks I referred to earlier. I recently switched over to a face mask Res Med AirFit f20. I initially tried to seal it with mustache wax but that experience was very messy and sticky.
Your product and how it is applied is just the ticket with the Res Med AirFit f20.
Thank you for inventing it. I will continue to use it.”

Bob A.

“I have used the shampoo, conditioner and the beard seal stick but not the strap yet. I haven’t needed to. I can say I have been extremely HAPPY with the product…especially the stick. I finally am getting sleep. The stick is working well to minimize the leaks/ Some nights I don’t have any leaks. I will definitely be ordering more when I run out. Thanks for checking on the product, very good customer support.”

– Wes

"Hello, this product is actually for my son. He too didn’t want to lose his beard and or his identity. He actually loves this product and thanks you for creating it for us beard lovers."

– Timothy Connors

"Works like a charm. I need another tube of the beard seal. Will be ordering it today. It is a great product."

– Barker

"I found your product through a google search about beards and cpaps. I was thrilled to know there is such a product. Having a beard I was restricted to nasal cpap masks and I have hated them with a passion for the last two years.
I am a mouth breather by nature and my nose is often congested for various reasons. I found in the past that the only way to successfully use the nasal masks was to use several medications including pills and sprays to keep my nasal passages clear and a home made chin strap to keep my mouth shut. I tried your product for the first time last night with a new full face masked that just arrived in the mail. I have a fairly light beard and your product worked like a charm. The seal was good, I removed the mask less and I had about half the hourly events that I normally have. Your product is a godsend.
I will update you in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for your fine product."

– Ken S.